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In 2004 Punctum: Live Arts was but a seed of an idea, planted in the like minds of four contemporary artists. The Idea; to bring about works in Central Victoria that support extraordinary ideas and artists, that are unconventional in practice, that happen in non traditional spaces and which encourage audiences and participants to explore new horizons and re-imagine the world. In the 10 years since, this idea has been propagated statewide, nationally and internationally through 40 new contemporary live art works and 50 live art residencies, thereby establishing itself in the minds of over 400 artists and over 10,000 participants/audience members.

“Punctum, in close collaboration with key artists, achieves an exciting balance between contemporary art, community project and cultural exchange. The project‘s success to date is in its smarts…fluid, mutable frames that generate, ‘hold‘ and make possible a range of encounters and events with art-making at their heart.”
Realtime – Barry Laing

We aim to maintain and build on this growth over the next ten years, pioneering new opportunities for artists to experiment and for audiences to engage, and we ask you to join us in this endeavor by making a donation; we’ve done a lot on a little, but can do a lot more with a little more.

We value small and large donations in equal measure. Your donations are investments in Punctum as an organisation, in our program and our artists and the audiences and communities we work with. They are also personal investments in the kind of world you want to see. If you’re about a world where art is thoughtful, questioning, inclusive, participatory, responsive, unexpected, enlivening and above all valued, then that’s what we’re about too.

All donations to Punctum of $2 or more are tax deductible. Click the donate button below to get things started or to discuss other possible giving options, please contact our General Manager, Adrian Corbett at adrian@punctum.com.au



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Support our work by coming along. Punctum periodically offers limited purchase of season passes for its programs, productions and happenings. Season Passes may include, Seedpod and Seedpod Amplified presentations, White Space happenings, Punctum works and Punctum co-productions. Our season passes range in price from $0 - $100 and reflect Punctum’s desire to offer a wide range of inclusive, Live Art experiences at prices that don’t exclude.

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We have 10 years experience in hooking people up with ideas, other great people, communities, art, artists and arts practices. As a Live Art organisation whose works and happenings are fundamentally inclusive we literally bring people together in unexpected and above all creative ways. We draw little distinction between audience members/participants and artists. In fact audience members and communities are a large part of the works Punctum artists create.

Here’s what the punters say:

 “We so loved what you had running in those Pavilions we came back the second day with friends and spent the whole bloody day there! We had to make calls to get in some help to milk the goats! It was fantastic.”
Audience member/participant

“Assisting you on that project showed me the richness in my life that I can bring to artists. I really thought I had nothing to offer people outside my family. Your questions drew me out of myself and I saw things from a whole new perspective. I guess that’s what art is meant to do isn’t it? I’m now heavily involved with the Taradale Festival and feel I have a role to play in the town’s culture. That’s thanks to you.”
Audience member/participant

“I found myself revealing things about my life I’d never shared. That work you did was fantastic. It was sophisticated, moving and simple at the same time and I loved being part of it. And the whole golf course thing...have you talked about the work you do being civic mediation?”

Audience member/participant

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