Seedpod provides artists, producers, and audiences with access to regionally based arts professionals, resources, presentation spaces, and opportunities for the investigation, development, and presentation of Live Arts. We share knowledge, networks and provide assistance in the funding, research, development and profiling of experiments in Live Arts. We seek to provide creators with the right conditions to delve into their research and production within a regional context of open critique and honest dialogue with colleagues, technicians, audiences, critics and producers. We open our doors to works and creators seeking a testing phase in order to engender dialogue with ‘expert audiences’ to create the stimulus needed for deepening practice, innovation and ‘next steps’.

Each of the 6 Seedpod grants includes:

• $1000 for the artist/organisation,
• $1000 in-kind professional artistic/administration/marketing/technical /box office/review writing and documentation,
• $3,500 in-kind for the use of one of Punctum's three construction and presentation sites - the Intensive Culture Unit or the White Space in Castlemaine or the Old Fire Station in Bendigo.

All successful artists/organisations will be expected to give a public presentation of their exploration.

Seedpod studio spaces are professionally equipped for the research, development, and presentation of artistically ambitious works: (rehearsal/construction, presentation, meeting room, green room, and office spaces).

We provide artists across live arts disciplines with the opportunity and resources to

• experiment, develop, and present stages of new work in an accessible, vibrant, professional environment,
• enable artists to engage meaningfully with the environment, communities, culture, and audiences in which our Seedpod studio spaces are situated
• further dialogue about the role of art in local through to global contexts by developing opportunities for exchange and innovation with a broad cross section of arts practitioners, audience members, and communities.

Our Seedpod Alumni include:

Daniel Santangeli, Kaya Barry, Yuhui Ng-Rodriguez & Kerensa Diball, Emilie Bloom & Nicci Wilks, Michelle Heaven & Mandy Field, Simon Charles, Nicola Gunn, Mish Grigor, Paul Gazzola, Elissa Goodrich & Michael Carmody , Georgia Mill, Katie Sfetkidis, Rosalind Hall, Terence Jaensch, Rockie Stone & Kieran Swann, Lara Thoms, Sabina Maselli & Erkki Veltheim, Amelia Ducker & Sally Lewry, Peter Fraser & Dale Gorfinkel, Eliza Jane Gilchrist & Mark Penzak, Andrew Goodman & Tara Gilbee, Thembi Soddell, Triage Collective, Eamon Sprod, Robert Curgenven, Roarawarfeartata, Paula Van Beek, Malcolm Whittaker, Simon Whetham...and many, many more.