A week of experiments at Punctum Day 5 with Klara Kelvy.
Mon, 2015-07-27 16:09 -- Adrian Corbett

Punctum Week of experiments 

Jude wants to know: Does durational process lead to making, or does making lead to durational outcome?

I’ve been thinking about: Repetition, duration and creating meaning; and how human’s contextualise themselves within their environment.

Daily report: Friday 24th July, 2015

My experiment for the day: Circle drawing (making>duration>making>duration etc.)

For my last experiment I decided to introduce drawing to the performative process. I have been playing with drawing documentation of my performances for the past couple of years. More recently I have found that repetitive patterns, and observational drawing work similarly to meditation for me.

Today my experiment was to introduce observational drawing into my process of building the circle. My aim was to see if I could swap my repetitive process of stacking rocks with the repetitive drawing to transform physicality of the rock into an idea of a rock. Thus the viewer could place the rocks into their own context, their experience of repetition, duration, cycles and the natural environment. This would help me connect to my initial intentions to investigate how people connect to and understand their environment, and creating meaning using repetition and duration.

As I drew I thought about why people draw. Drawing transforms the object into an image, making the idea transportable, and malleable via the artist into the new context. When I drew these rocks, it was for people to look at, but also so that the ideas and processes I have been working with over the past week could be transported with me, back to Melbourne, and considered further.

I feel like I cannot say if my experiment was successful today because it was the beginning of a process that will take a lot longer: The process of making this series of experiments with and for myself, to making an artwork with and for other people.

By partaking in this intensive week at Punctum I have come away with a structure for working. Jude’s request for daily updates and prompting questions gave me a scaffold to stretch out techniques, processes, and ideas that I have been collecting for years. Using this framework that Jude describes as Action Research I have been able to take risks, let my ideas lead me to unexpected perspectives, dive head-first into unknowable outcomes, and make without cutting myself short before I’ve even begun. This style of working has let me balance the spontaneous and intuitive maker with the critical and structured editor.

If my rock circles develop into live art outcomes you may see some more of me at Punctum in a year or so.

Thanks very much to Jude for her structure and mentoring, Adrian for his ever-helpfulness and serenity, and Ellen who was a surrogate mum to me, nurturing me with some truly delicious dinners this week.

Thank you for reading,