A week of experiments at Punctum with Klara Kelvy.
Tue, 2015-07-21 15:51 -- Adrian Corbett

Jude wants to know: Does durational process lead to making, or does making lead to durational outcome?

I’ve been thinking about: Repetition, duration and creating meaning; and how human’s contextualise themselves within their environment.

Daily report: Monday 20th July, 2015

My experiment for the day: Rambling walk (duration>making)

Walking through town today I noticed my thoughts have been going in circles, so I decided to walk with a Dictaphone recording my thoughts out loud. My experiment was to walk for an hour out into the countryside. My hypothesis was that my thinking would begin with myself, going around in circles. As I moved  from the town into the countryside I hoped I would take in more of my surroundings and begin to think more expansively, present within my environment.

The outcome was that, by verbalising my thoughts I very quickly began to incorporate my surroundings into my thoughts and the stories I told myself. The progression into the countryside did divert my thinking a little but only to follow wombat tracks and appreciate the quality of light or texture of a bridge.

However by rambling so, I missed my intended turn and ended up at the Children’s Cemetery. This was surprising and uncomfortable, leading me into new thoughts.

The small circles of stones to denote the graves were very romantic amongst the trees and moss in the afternoon light. The graveyard had not been used since the 1850s and being children when they died they wouldn’t have had direct decedents to mourn them, so the recent addition of teddy bears to some of the graves puzzled me. In the 1920s the graveyard had been fenced and restored. More recently plaques had been put on some of the graves, to give viewers an idea of what the faded headstones had read. The fascination with these dead children reminded me of the cover from National Geographic I had seen in the op-shop earlier, a photograph of a wide-eyed mummified baby.

As I left the cemetery I thought about how the circles of stones had fixated me, and how people often create circles of stones to mark significant places. I collected some of the white quartz I had seen scattered about. When I came across a few bones from some long-dead and eaten road-kill I decided to make a video to process what I had seen and thought.

I have learnt something general about my process: that I am very suggestible and by exposing myself to and consciously paying attention to stimuli (both sensory and new ideas or perspectives) it can result in action and making. Part of this is because I will find patterns and coincidences anywhere I can.

Thank you for reading,