‘Fais-Moi Une Pipe’ in English is ‘Give me a Blow Job’. It’s the only line spoken by Italian porn star Rocco Sifredi in Catherine Breillart’s 1999 Art House film ‘Romance’ – one of the first mainstream films to show an erect penis.

Tonight’s ‘pipe’ brings duo Adrian Sherriff and Shani  Mohini Holmes together for a rare blowing of instruments in an Arts House boudoir. Sherriff is an Australian jazz and experimental musician of prodigious interests and abilities. Mohini Holmes is renowned for the robust vocal instrument she possesses.

Working with expanded voice and throat, she will blow your mind. ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’ you’d expect.

Duration: 15 minutes
Location: Upstairs Meeting Room Boudoir
Number of sessions: 2
Capacity per session: 25 people
Maximum Box Office return: @$10 per ticket is $500