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Supporting the development of new approaches to art making and engaging publics through a regional residency.

Presented by Punctum Inc in association with

Mt Alexander Shire Council, and Bendigo Venue and Events.

Punctum Inc is now seeking proposals from artists for this year’s Seedpod Program – ‘Weird Sanctuaries’. Applications close midnight Monday June 29th.

Seedpod is Punctum’s national residency program, based in our hometown Castlemaine on Dja Dja Wurrung Country.  We created Seedpod residencies because we understand the need for a safe place to test ideas, undertake experiments, develop new work, and take risks in a collegiate environment.  We also like the fact that these experiments happen outside of city-based confines and institutions, challenging notions of the contemporary and regionality.

In these times of flux, Weird Sancturies asks ‘how are we all entangled?’ It is intended for artists who wish to create in an environment with others from diverse disciplines and practices, and who are interested in exploring the thematic area we find urgent  to investigate - ‘the live and the gathering’. Each ‘weird sanctuary’ will in many ways be a rehearsal or practice for ‘difference without separability’; for what we do and who we are in the ‘elsewhere and otherwise’.

Through Weird Sanctuaries, we continue to support new art works that are in nascent stages of development. As practicing artists ourselves, we accompany and guide each resident artist in their exploration in the public sphere.  We work as ‘sounding boards’ responding to each artist’s needs be they dramaturgical, ‘user’ experience, furthering connections or opportunities through our networks. Selected artists will be provided with a studio environment in one of three spaces across the region for a period of 14 days. Along with a studio space, we assist artists in situating their work within local settings in our region. Artists will be expected to present their exploration for public discussion during their residency.

We value your residency proposition if it meets a relational and / or participatory investigation and public proposition relevant to the Weird Sanctuaries theme.  We welcome proposals from emergent to established, regional and urban artists across theatre, live arts, dance, sound, installation, visual art and other experimental or transdisciplinary practices.

What are we look​ing for?

In response to the COVID19 context for this year’s residencies, Punctum is asking you to propose your own ‘weird sanctuary’ by asking three questions…

1. WHO WILL GATHER TOGETHER HERE AFTER…? We are encouraging you to take a transdisciplinary approach … involve your baker, astronomer, environmental researcher, scientist, Phd student, health professional, small aircraft pilot, dog trainer, farmer, deliverer - someone who will inform and transform your approach to your creative proposition.

2. HOW WILL WE GATHER HERE AFTER …? We are encouraging you to think about your approach to public participation and audience gathering … how will you; involve people passing by, the invitation of intimate / small and specific groups of people, invite people into healthy indoor spaces or outdoor spaces, rethink the aesthetics of touch or technology in public realm; how these ways of gathering play into the subject of your work.

3. WHEN WILL WE GATHER HERE AFTER …? We are encouraging you to propose a time in the future when your residency might be remotely or physically held in Castlemaine and to consider how restrictions or expanses of time might inform your proposition for gatherings.

We are interested in projects that:

• Explore the three questions above with ideas and even more questions, provocations, propositions, and concepts.
• Are engaged in an aesthetic and poetic that considers these cultural, civic, political, and social times.
• Provide methodologies for experiments in live arts (we encourage you to consider public / audience / community engagement, your collaboration with others and us, transdisciplinary practice, technology, decolonisation and climate ecologies).
• Are new works in nascent stages of development that can benefit from this opportunity.

Key information:

Our Seedpods are programmed across year. We believe that due to the public health measures required to combat COVID-19, you will need to consider the WHEN in your proposal carefully

Our Seedpods include:
• $2000 for the artist.
• In-kind professional artistic/dramaturgy/administration/marketing/technical /box office/review writing and documentation (worth $2000)
• Resources for a first nations first approach (worth $500)
• In kind studio space (worth $1500)

Our 2020 Seedpods will be based at
• Punctum’s own ICU
• Phee Broadway Theatre with thanks to Mt Alexander Shire Council.
• The Engine Room with thanks to Bendigo Venue and Events.

We highly recommend you;
1. Check out the past seedpods featured on our website if you haven’t previously applied.
2. Contact Punctum to talk through your proposition.

How to apply

To submit your proposal, please provide us with the following:

1. A description of your project, including the key ideas you are exploring and your general approach/methodology for the work’s creative development.  PLEASE NO MORE THAN 500 WORDS

2. Your CV and / or description of the creative team undertaking the project – who you are and why are you working together. You may include short biographies PLEASE MAX TWO PAGES

3. One item of support material that best relates to your work or proposal. PLEASE SEND LINKS 

4. If you are a new applicant a letter of support or recommendation from an artistic peer would be fantastic. NO MORE THAN ONE PAGE

Notes: Please stick to the information we have asked for above _ We do not require anything more than this. Videos, images and sound files support material should be provided as URLs and links.
Please ensure you clearly name your documents with your name and project title.

For initial enquiries contact us via AND
Jude or Steve will get back to you with a time to chat things through.