Seedpod is Punctum’s regionally based residency program.

We created Seedpod because we understand the need for a safe place to test ideas, undertake experiments, develop new work, and take risks in a collegiate environment.

Seedpod provides artists, producers, and audiences with access to regionally based arts professionals, resources, presentation spaces, and opportunities for the investigation, development, and presentation of live arts.

We share knowledge, networks and assist in the resourcing, research, development and profiling of live arts experiments. We seek to provide creators with the right conditions to delve into their research and production within a regional context of open critique and honest dialogue with colleagues, technicians, audiences, critics and producers. We open our doors to works and creators seeking a testing phase in order to kindle dialogue with ‘expert audiences’ and create the stimulus needed for deepening practice, innovation and ‘next steps’.

Seedpod is one of Punctum’s ways of sharing the future.