A group of artists 'perform' a passage across a migration landscape in a reverse journey from the Central Goldfields towards Robe along the Robe to Goldfields track to document feelings of estrangement or strange belonging.

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The Artist's Kit

Each artist is given a 'kit' to complete their walk which contains among other things, pieces of  quartz.  Quartz stones in the Goldfields are an indicator of the possible presence of gold. Artists use these pieces of quartz to place as markers along their passage to indicate the location of a ‘feeling of estrangement’ or ‘strange belonging’.

The Chinese itinerant workers traversing the landscape from Robe placed subtle markers that helped others in their passage. These markers indicated wells they had dug, danger, food supply...

Quartz cairns are often found in the Goldfields marking places of passage – from British explorers sent to map agricultural land (Major Mitchell) to  barefooted poverty stricken hopefuls streaming to the goldfields in search of Nirvana (Cairn at Chewton).

The artists quartz pieces are markers of ‘a passage of feeling’.

Also included in their kit is an out of print copy of The Walk from Robe.  Generously provided by the Golden Dragon Museum in Bendigo, this small book provides our artists with background information about this famous track and the journey people undertook in their search for gold.