We have regular Seedpod residencies throughout the year and they run for 7 days to 3 weeks depending on each artist’s needs. Sometimes we have residencies focussing on approaches to practice such as our Seedpod ‘What If…?’ program.

Our regular Seedpod includes:
• $1000 for the artist/organisation,
• $1000 in-kind professional artistic/administration/marketing/technical /box office/review writing and documentation,
• $3,500 in-kind for the use of one of Punctum's three construction and presentation sites - the Intensive Culture Unit in Castlemaine or the Old Fire Station in Bendigo and further sites according to each residency artist’s needs.

All successful artists/organisations will be expected to meet a public and present their exploration for discussion.

Seedpod studio spaces are professionally equipped for the research, development, and showcasing of experiments: (studio rehearsal/construction, presentation, meeting room, and office spaces).

We provide artists across live arts disciplines with the opportunity and resources to
• experiment, develop, and present stages of new work in an accessible, vibrant, professional environment,
• enable artists to engage meaningfully with the environment, communities, culture, and audiences in which our Seedpod residency spaces are situated
• further dialogue about the role of art in local through to global contexts by developing opportunities for exchange and innovation with a broad cross section of arts practitioners, audience members, and communities.

Our Seedpod Alumni include:
Pia Johnson, Renae Shadler & Mirjam Sögner, Klara Kelvy, Daniel Santangeli, Kaya Barry, Yuhui Ng-Rodriguez & Kerensa Diball, Emilie Bloom & Nicci Wilks, Michelle Heaven & Mandy Field, Simon Charles, Nicola Gunn, Mish Grigor, Paul Gazzola, Elissa Goodrich & Michael Carmody , Georgia Mill, Katie Sfetkidis, Bek Berger, Amy Spiers, Bronwyn Batten, Rosalind Hall, Terence Jaensch, Rockie Stone, Kieran Swann,  Karli-Rose, Lara Thoms, Sabina Maselli & Erkki Veltheim, Amelia Ducker & Sally Lewry, Peter Fraser & Dale Gorfinkel, Eliza Jane Gilchrist & Mark Penzak, Andrew Goodman & Tara Gilbee, Klare Lanson, Thembi Soddell, Triage Collective, Eamon Sprod, Robert Curgenven, Roarawarfeartata, Paula Van Beek, Malcolm Whittaker, Simon Whetham...and many, many more.