Trash Classic

In the time it takes to cook a chunk of meat, ‘Trash Classic’ slams together two classics of lust and power  -  Pulitzer prize winning ‘Streetcar Named Desire’ and the bard’s ‘King Lear’. 

When it was first released, ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ created a firestorm of controversy. Like Lear’s Goneril and Regan, it was considered a hotbed of immoral, decadent, vulgar and sinful acts driven by will, power, desire and sexuality.  ‘Trash Classic’ invites guests to a backyard bbq fundraiser that reeks of ‘wrong’.

It lets loose three of Australia’s most shameless performers Tim Ratcliffe, Louise O’Dwyer and Fleur Dean, and the prize winning writing of Emilie Collyer to crank up the heat at a civic charity meet.

Duration: 15 minutes
Location: Upstairs Terrace
Number of sessions: 1
Capacity per session: 30 people
Maximum Box Office return: @$10 per ticket is $300