Are you an expert in birds? A local farmer?  Are you one of only three people in Australia who can play the Hornucopian dronepipe?  Are you part of a community group with a specific interest?  Do you have knowledge or insights  that you would be willing to share with artists?

Through our Seedpod residency program, Punctum brings artists at differing stages of their career to Castlemaine where they develop and present new works.  We wish to develop a database of local experts, which we can share with these artists so they can have access to your wide range of skills and knowledge to assist in the creation of their work.

We have sound artists wanting to connect with farmers; performance artists wanting to meet surveyors; musicians wanting to connect with new parents; the list is on and changes all the time. 

We also seek people who can help our organisation grow and develop locally  through marketing, promotion and welcoming our audiences.  If you occasionally have a few hours free and can help spread the word about our works, or help at our events we would love to work with you.

Founded in 2004 Punctum is artist-led and Castlemaine based.  Our works are commissioned and presented locally, nationally, and internationally.

We seek to produce and create live performances that seize our attention and hold us in the grip of their adventure.