Bidding begins at 7:15pm, Saturday March 12th in the Arts House Town Hall

If you wish to bid you’ll need to register between 6.30pm and 7:15pm.


How to Register:

It’s easy. Five registrars are available at the Arts House Town Hall Registration Table from 6.30pm until 7:15pm on the night of the Auction.

Our registrars will register your name, address and contact details, your preferred payment method (cash or card), and most importantly your Bidder number.

We will have mobile credit card facilities available. For those who prefer cash, four automatic tellers are conveniently located opposite Arts House on Errol St. Payments occur when a bid is successful.

The first 10 people to register will be given $25 in Smut Credits to be put towards a sucessful bid.

Your Bidder Paddle:

Once registered, you’ll receive a paddle with your Bidder number on it. You hold this number up each time you make a bid so our Auctioneer can spot your bid and record it.

The bidding begins:

Typically we will begin the bidding process at the low estimate then the bid price is raised by bidders in the room.

The Auctioneers:

Our auctioneer is a natural, highly skilled multi-tasker scanning the room for bidding activity. Their eyes and reactions are what determine the placement of bids and the final hammer price. Their decision is final.

How a sale is completed:

Once all bidding is exhausted and there is only one bidder left the pace of the Auction slows and the Auctioneer provides fair warning before lowering the gavel and concluding the purchase with the highest bidder.

Payment and collecting the Lot – it takes 2 mins:

At hammer fall, as a successful bidder you’ll be taken by one of our bid spotters to the cashier. Once you’ve paid you’ll receive a Licence and directed to the Negotiation Table.

If you wish to make further bids, you just need to let the cashier know and they will keep a tab.

The Negotiation Table – it takes 2 - 5 mins:

At the Negotiation Table you’ll be swiftly and expertly assisted.
Our expert advisors will help you decide who has access to your acquisition and how you can make the most it. To assist with same-day return on your investment, we have Box Office facilities at your disposal which we can run on your behalf.
You can pledge Box office takings, choose to offer free entry to anyone, invite friends, have the Lot available to a specific milieu, dedicate the Lot to someone or something, ban the Lot, or have it all to yourself. Our expert advisors assist you in making these decisions and equip you as a successful buyer and Presenter with all the back up support you need.


Once negotiations are concluded you become a Licensed Presenter.
Negotiation results will be announced from 8.30pm onwards when you can begin to share your investment. Throughout the evening through broadcast, projection and social media, we’ll provide members of the public with updates on access – who when, where each Lot can be enjoyed.



Beyond point of sale negotiations and overseeing Box Office takings for you, we take no responsibility for any insider trading, black market economies, subterfuge or trafficking that might occur as a result of relations between Presenters and publics on the evening. We do however encourage Fair Trade and oversee all public entry OH&S standards to ensure an ultimate experience for all.

An investment example for Live Art entrepreneurs:

The first ten bidders to register at the Complete Smut Art Auction will receive $25 of Smut Credit. This means you get $25 off your winning bid price.
If, as a successful bidder you buy Lot 4 Sex Act for $25, with your Smut Credit it would costs you 0.
If you run Box Office for Lot 4 Sex Act and get two full houses (50 entries) at $10 per ticket (maximum ticket price) you stand to make $500!
You may pledge this money during the negotiation process OR as a successful bidder/Presenter you might keep it and invest in Live Art for years to come. It’s up to you.