Punctum creates its own small to large scale live performance works in collaboration with adventurous artists from across artistic disciplines and art-forms.

We foster interconnectedness with dedicated partner organisations and the regions in which we work.

Our works value experimentation, new associations, ideas, and approaches to connecting with audiences and settings.

We investigate conventions and traditions of site, place and its people, and our works explore and reconsider characterisations, constructions and representations of locations, systems, and inhabitants; the different languages that define places in their geographical, political, social, cultural, environmental and poetic dimensions.

Punctum works are often participatory in nature and take place in unexpected locations which provide unique encounters between performance and audiences, participants, and artists. Experiences and encounters are at the core of our works.

As Punctum works are live art works that are often long term and collaborative, they propose ongoing relationships with partners, artists, and communities.